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100% Caribbean, yet distinctly French, the Caribbean island of Martinique is an integral part of France and the perfect place to boost your language skills in a stunning setting. Sandy beaches, rainforests, mountains... Martinique has it all, but the uniqueness of the island lies in its local culture, a blend of French lifestyle and Caribbean traditions with a twist of African heritage.

The welcoming members of the community can't wait to introduce you to their unique culture and traditions.

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Tropical Beach

The heritage of Martinique

Visitors can also explore Martinique’s rich history and cultural heritage through an extensive network of museums scattered throughout the island and a more recent multi-artist installation of totem poles in the city of Saint-Pierre.

Martinique's culture and history have a deep influence on the arts.

In the fine arts, a group of painters founded the Caribbean Negro School during the 1970s to explore Martinique’s African heritage. A decade later, the artist group Fromajé sought to develop “a Caribbean aesthetic” that would convey “the strength of our roots, the memory of our people.”

Martinique’s history also resonates in the island’s mix of European, African, and Caribbean music. The quadrille originated in eighteenth-century France, whereas chouval bwa, bèlè, and zouk music all have Afro-Caribbean roots. Biguine is a form of ballroom music whose bèlè roots are evident in the drums and tibwas, but whose use of clarinets, trombones, and banjos recalls New Orleans jazz.


The island of Martinique is located in the heart of the west indies arch. This French territory is about 7000km away from Paris:

From Europe:

Daily direct flights from Paris CDG & ORY

(8 hours flight)

From the US:

Direct flights from Miami MIA

(3.5 hours flight)

From Canada:

Direct flights from Montreal YUL

(5 hours flight)

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